Belgium won the Nations Cup in CSIO Hickstead

This was Belgium’s first time to put their name on the coveted Hickstead trophy

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Belgium came out on top in the penultimate leg of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping 2015 Europe Division 1 League at Hickstead last Friday 31 July. It took a three-way jump-off to decide the result, and hero of the day at the iconic British venue was Pieter Devos who, last to go against the clock, showed exactly why Belgian Chef d’Equipe, Dirk Demeersman, placed his faith in him., and team manager Demeersman was more than pleased. “Finally we have won here! When I came as a rider I had many disasters - I’m very happy for the win and it’s great that we are now qualified for Barcelona, that was our goal” he said.
The Italians were really relying on a good result to boost their chances, but they had no joy when finishing last. Hampered by elimination for Giulia Martinengo when her mare, Fixdesign Funke van ‘T Heike, stalwartly refused to take on the four-metre-wide open water in either round, they racked up 37 faults to stay well out of the frame.
​After the 7th and penultimate leg of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup Europe Division 1, Belgium has taken over the lead with 350 points and has pushed France down to second with 310 points. Netherlands, Sweden and Germany alll have the same score, but as Netherlands has won one leg they are ranked higher. Great Britian is currently rank six, 35 points behind the last mentioned teams, but can still take points in Dublin together with Spain, Switzerland, Ireland and Italy.

Hickstead Nations Cup result:

1. Belgium 4 faults and 0/42.60 in third-round jump-off: Dylano (Pieter Devos) 4/12/0, As Cold as Ice Z (Judy Ann Melchior) 0/0, Sea Coast Pebles Z (Gudrun Pateet) 0/4, H&M Armstrong van de Kapel (Olivier Philippaerts) 0/0.

2. Switzerland 4 faults and 0/44.17 in third-round jump-off: Castlefield Eclipse (Paul Estermann) 0/0, Clooney 51 (Martin Fuchs) 0/4, Bonne Chance CW (Janika Sprunger) 0/0/0, Giovanni van het Scheefkasteel (Pius Schwizer) DNS/15.

3. USA 4 faults and 8/55.32 in third-round jump-off: Nouvelle (Laura Kraut) 4/0, Chill RZ (Charlie Jayne) 5/8, Babalou 41 (Todd Minikus) 0/0, Cortes C (Beezie Madden) 0/0/8.

4. France 5 faults: Flora de Mariposa (Penelope Leprevost) 1/0, Ryan des Hayettes (Simon Delestre) 0/0, Qoud Coeur de la Loge (Roger Yves Bost) 4/0, Lacrimoso 3 HDC (Patrice Delaveau) Elim/DNS.

5. Germany 9 faults: Fibonacci (Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum) 0/0, Brooklyn (Mario Stevens) 9/9, Goja (Janne Friederike Meyer) 4/1, Epleaser van T Heike (Christian Ahlmann) 4/0.

6. Great Britain 11 faults: Calcourt Falklund (Michael Whitaker) 5/0, Dougie Douglas (Holly Gillott) 13/9, Titus (Guy Williams) 1/5, Diva ll (Ben Maher) 0/0.

7. Netherlands 17 faults: Vignet (Johnny Pals) 12/8, Don VHP Z (Harrie Smolders) 4/4, Carambole NOP (Willem Greve) 0/4, VDL Zirocco Blue NOP (Jur Vrieling) 5/0.

8. Italy 37 faults: Catwalk Z (Piergiorgio Bucci) 0/4, Fixdesign Funke van ’T Heike (Giulia Martinengo Marquet) Elim/Elim, For Passion (Daniele Augusto da Rios) 4/8, Erco van T Roosakker (Lorenzo de Luca) 12/9.