“I'm lucky to live a day like this” said Steve Guerdat after winning the Gran Prix in CSIO La Baule

Really a great battle to the last seconds between Steve Guerdat/Nino des Buissonnets and Bertram Allen/Romanov declared finally the winner of Gran Prix at CSIO La Baule

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Last to go in the arena, after 10 couples started in the second round on 50 entries, Steve Guerdat and Nino des Buissonets with 44.04 sec. beat out Bertram Allen and Romanov with stopped the time at 44.91 sec. Third place for Brasilian Marlon Zanotelli and Rock’N Roll Semilly.
​‘Nino is a crack, I am very lucky to ride a horse like that and I thank him really much. I thank also the public of La Baule that gives a special value to this victory’ said with emotion Steve Guerdat.