The dream of Scott Brash could come true

Next week (9 to 13 September) the Spruce Meadows Master CSIO5* will be the venue of the third leg of Rolex Grand Slam 2015. All equestrian world is waiting for Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos

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In a few days' time, Scott Brash will have the opportunity to become a legend namely as the first winner of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. if he rides to victory in the Major at the Spruce Meadows 'Masters', after winning the prestigious prize in the first two legs: the Geneve and Aachen. In an interview, the Scottish rider explained how he and his horse, Hello Sanctos, have prepared for the show in Calgary, what he would like to read about himself one day... Scott says in the interview abot Sanctos: He’s a very clever horse, so I think he knows that he’s good. He knows he’s the king of the stable. But he’s very laid-back and relaxed at home, does everything at his own pace. So, everyone has to go at his pace. He loves being at home, loves relaxing, loves hacking out. But when he enters the arena, he comes alive” And in the end: “It would be nice to be remembered for achieving a lot of goals and being on top of the sport for a long period of time. I hope one day, people will look back on me as one of the legends of the sport the same as Ludger Beerbaum or Marcus Ehning. It would be great to read about that one day... A dream came true… Because if it could be done in Calgary, if I could win, it would be an absolute dream come true”.
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