Juliane Brunkhorst Triumphs

Juliane Brunkhorst claimed victory in the NORDIC GP Dressage Trophy’s final competition, securing a total of 445 points across all four tournament stages with her ten-year-old horse Fürst Enno. Brunkhorst also won the Grand Prix Special with her Holsteiner, Aperol.

Brunkhorst and Aperol: defended last year’s victory

In the special, which served as a special test for the final of this year’s Nordic GP Dressage Trophy, Brunkhorst and Aperol took the lead with a result of 74.51 percent. Müller-Lütkemeier and Vitalis’ twelve-year-old son Valesco were left behind and came second with 73.922 percent. Juliane Brunkhorst didn’t leave just one horse in the top three. The dressage rider from Hamburg secured third place with the ten-year-old Fürst Romancier’s son Fürst Enno and 72.059 percent.