Brava Giulia!

Passion for horses is her life’s creed. Giulia and her husband and trainer Stefano represent evolution and modernity of show jumping.

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Giulia Martinengo Marquet is a flagship of Italian Equitation. Passion for horses is her life’s creed. His riding respects all the principles of good riding; she is the perfect example of classic position, ligntness, style, elegance, accuracy, feeling with horses and respect of horses.
Giulia combines these principles with the best technique, precision, efficacy and softness of aids, concentration, competitiveness… She is a fighter in the arena and her horses fight with her because they trust her!
Giulia and his trainer and husband Stefano Cesaretto, international rider and trainer well known in the equestrian world, founded the organitation the SGH Stables – Stefano Giulia Horses Stables – in order to improve their equestrian activity joining Sport and Business. Animo is the first technical patner of SGH.

Photos, Giulia and her mare Verdine SZ, Zang. 2007, Verdi x Heartbreaker.