Jessica Mendoza: with the right Spirit…

British Jessica Mendoza is a rising star in international show jumping. Her career is always improving. She knows well where she wants to go…

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In these days Jessica Mendoza is competing in CSIO of Rotterdam with the British Team, taking part in Nations Cup with Spirit T. Rotterdam is the final British team event before the Rio Olympics. Selection is scheduled to be announced on 5 July 2016.
The wiltshire 20-years-old rider is one of the most talented of international jumping.
The British blonde girl had an excellent 2015 season and has having an impressive 2016 season. Since last year, she is stable in the British team – one of the best in the world - a team mainly composed by men, such as Michael and John Whitaker, Ben Maher, Scott Brash, Joe Clee and other really good riders, many of them twice Jessica’s age.
She is a prodigy! Indeed, with a pony, junior and young rider career like Jessica’s It’s not a big surprise that she would move on to be a successful senior rider! Jessica and her loved horse Spirit T - bay AES fourteen years old from Darco who she found through Peter Charles – have moved up the ranks togheter: gold medal by team and individual bronze medal in Juniores European Championships 2014 in Arezzo, member of Great Britain Team in Aachen European Championships (August 2015) where they placed 4° by Team and 68° individual.
​In 2014 she set up a new stable for Mendoza Team in Eindhoven, Netherland. This new location offers fantastic facilities and is placed in the heart of equestrian sport. Probably, as Jessica said in an interview, without the move her career might not have looked the same. From Netherlands he is able to go to different level’s shows every week end, has the opportunity to bring up young horses and to stay in the’heart’ of show jumping all the time.

In the current season Jessica claimed one of the most prestigious victory in world of show jumping: the Nations Cup in CSIO Rome, Piazza di Siena riding his faithful Spirit T. And more, she obtained a lot of very good victories and placements in the best CSIO and CSI and, last but not least, also in various legs of Global Champions Tour.
​“My dream is to participate in the Olympics, even though having taken part in the European Championships of Aachen was already a dream come true, a wonderful experience. I manage to control my emotions and stay focused. I treasure every experience and I try to keep my feet on the ground. From the beginning I learned that you have to work hard and have faith... I want to do my job well and reach the highest levels”, Jessica says… Go on and on Jessica! All the best for you and your horses!