About jumping. Do you know that…

It is essential to understand what a horse’s body is capable to do…

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Jumping is a fun activity. To jump safely and successfully it is essential the rider remains in perfect harmony with the horse. Developing the ‘two point’ position (contact of two legs – two point - with the horse) with the rider lifting the seat and taking the weight on the feet (stirrups) will develop indipendent balance.
This, together with understanding the biomechanics of jumping, will allow the horse the freedom to use his head, neck and back correctly.

A good trainer will be able to assess the capability of both horse and rider; suggest an appropriate, enjoyable, achievable training programm; maintain enthusiasm and ensure the rider is in the correct position to give the horse the best possible chance of success whatever the age, stage or jumping discipline.

To jump successfully horses need physical strenght, a good mental attitude and a balanced rider. The ability to jump comes from suitable conformation, a good power to weight ratio, technique, willingness, coordination and the ability to convert forward momentum to upward thrust.
Althought horse do jump in the wild, they are not natural jumpers…Gymnastic jumping exercises constructed in a variety of configuration can teach him to use his body at the best.