Christian Ahlmann is the new leader of Global Champions Tour

After a second place in Global Champions Tour Grand Prix of Monaco riding Dolocia, the German Champion has reached the top of the Tour standings with 154 points.

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Christian Ahlmann is the new leader of Global Champions Tour. While Italy’s Alberto Zorzi, winner of the Grand Prix de Prince du Monaco riding Cornetto K, is at third place. Second position for Harries Smolders. The course of Monaco Grand Prix was very difficult and more than half of the riders ended up finishing with four faults. Only four-pairs were qualified for the jump-off. Christian Ahlmann was the first to secure a clear with his 9 year old horse Dolocia. Then, clear round for Scott Brash with Hello Forever, Kevin Staut with For Joy van'T Zorgvliet HDC and Alberto Zorzi with Cornetto K. Christian Ahlmann (GER) came through the gate into the jump-off with all his determination and finished the course clear round on. on 38.20s. Scott Brash finished with eight fault and Kevin Staut with four fault. Alberto Zorzi and Cornetto K raced to a winning finish at 37.8s. So it was Italian win, with Zorzi claiming his first LGCT Grand Prix victory.

“Today I’m very very surprised I must say, we already had a good season but I have a very young horse here, when she did her first five-star Grand Prix I didn’t expect very much. I had her for the first time in Madrid and I could feel the quality, and that she was something special but she was not really ready to think about as a winner, or even to be in the top three. She did an amazing job today to finish second, we had an amazing day. I really didn’t expect it, so I’m very happy with my second place. Well done to Alberto, and well done to Kevin, they both did a good job. I will try my best, I will be in Paris and bringing Taloubet and Caribis, my two top ones for the moment so I hope I can keep the position. I’m really motivated and we will see what we get.” Christian Ahlmann said.