Good riding, good results

The really great achievements are based on inner contact, the mutual feeling between rider and horse.

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Italian rider Piergiorgio Bucci is enjoying a fantastic season! With his super stallion Casallo Z he won the Grand Prix at CSI5* Estoril, second place at CSI5* Montecarlo and third place at CSI4* Windsor. And many other victories and placemnets with Casallo and his other horses, such as Cuarta, Zandona and Heartbreaker van de Achterhoe. He represents Italy in the best international shows both in Nations Cup and Grand Prix. Born in L’Aquila, middle Italy, 41-years-old, in 2010 Piergiorgio decided to move in Holland, in Budel near Eindhoven, in order to base his stable and to create a new activity as rider and trade of sport horses. He took part in three edition of European Championhips obtaining team silver medal at Windsor 2009 with Kanebo.
Piergiorgio Bucci is a pillar of italian team, placed at the top of international jumping since many years.
​His riding is near to the classical equitation, based on traditional principles of good riding. How to become good riders?

In order to obtain a good riding, first of all the rider must have an istinctive feeling with horses and equestrian art. The basis of good riding is the ability of the rider to stay in the saddle in the correct classical position and be able to maintain this position without tension in any situation. The primary task of a rider is therefore to acquire the correct position and the good disposition in the saddle according to classical rules. This position must become instinctive, natural. When he gets this result, rider is loose, soft and without tension. In fact, only the strictly necessary muscles are involved, and only when they are needed.
Another fundamental principle is the use of aids. The aids are the language with which we communicate with our horse. Good riders must know and understood thoroughly the use, the reasons and the effects of the aids in order to etablish a deep relationship with the horse. The aim of a good rider is to have a highly trained horse that is attentive and happy, that works in harmony and confidently with its rider.
​The influence we have on our horse can thus be positive when our position in the saddle, our actions, and our general attitude are correct.

In order to progress we must first have discipline and rigor. In our daily work we should always set small goals to reach and organise ourselves in a way that we can achieve the result.
Therefore, we must always be aware of what we are doing and if we are doing it well or badly, even in the smallest things. We start from the principle that the horse should move forward freely, calm, serene, and well-balanced at all three gaits. The right work helps the horse to develop mental and physical abilities, improving its natural attitudes and making it nice and easy to ride. Work is what improves performance and must be well planned done. The horse must go forward with calm, serenity, and fluidity of movement. The L’Hotte’s basic principles ‘Calm, forwrad, straight’ is evergreen.