Horse management: clothing

Little tips for the stable's life and for the horse management

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Often the management method chosen by riders and horse people is governed by the carer’s lifestyle. The one-horse owner, who keeps his horse at home and is at work all day, is going to manage his horse differently from the professional rider and the manager of a riding or breeding centre with workers available all day.
In all cases the well-being of horses must be the priority. A happy, relaxed and healthy horse is going to perform better.
​Rider and owner’s lifestyle is really important in order to have the best management of horses.

All those who live next to the horses must do it in safety and comfort. This is a priority in order to do our best in relation with horses. Among the priorities for being in safety and moving comfortably around horses, there is clothing.
When working around horses the clothing worn should be suitable for the task involved. It should allow movement but not to be loose or flapping that it could catch on something or frighten the horse. Sometimes noisy or brightly coloured clothing will frighten horses. Restrective clothing that prevents movements such as bending or stepping aside quickly can lead to accidents or work being skimped. Jackets, shirts and pants must be high-tech, comfortable, practical and suitable to the season.
Footwear needs to be comfortable, hard wearing, protect the feet and not come off when stepping quickly or in poor ground conditions. Hands need to be protected in emergency situations to be protected form damage and infection. Wearing jewellery can leads to accidents. Earrings, neck chains, bracelets and rings can all get caught up in equipment and cause damage. Although not clothing, it is unwise to wear scent and perfume in the stable and around horses, especcially stallions as they can become excited.
​Last but not least, horses are very elegant animals and people living and working with them must be just as elegant and clean. Finesse and tact are among the best qualities of a horseman…