Jessica, the woman and the rider

She’s one of the most talented young riders of international jumping. British Jessica Mendoza speaks about herself and her passion for horses.

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British Jessica Mendoza, 19 years old (she is born April 9th 1996), is actually one of the best and most successful show jumping riders not only in Great Britain but in the world. Gold medal by team and individual bronze medal in Juniores European Championships 2014 in Arezzo with Spirit T, she has represented Great Britain in Aachen European Championships (August 2015) placed 4° by Team and 68° individual.
The British blonde girl has having an impressive season. Winner of Nations Cup in CSIO Rotterdam and of Grand Prix in CSI Arezzo with Spirit T, she obtained a lot of victories and very good results in the best and most prestigious shows.
Jessica Mendoza began riding at age two, encouraged by her father who also enjoyed show jumping. She highlighted as a child, showing extraordinary talent and passion.
In 2014 she set up a new stable for Mendoza Team in Eindhoven, Netherland. This new location offers fantastic facilities and is placed in the heart of equestrian sport.
​Actually, her top horse is Spirit T, bay AES fourteen years old from Darco. They have impressive feeling and technical ability.

Despite her young age, Jessica is a very mature girl, confident and determined in achieving her objectives. Jessica is focused on her horses and horse riding, a legacy she has received from her parents: "I started to ride as a child thanks to the passion of my father, who at the time participated in fox hunts in England, and my mother, a dressage rider - says Jessica - I, however, became immediately passionate about jumping because my first pony, a gift from my parents, was a jumper, so my mother accompanied me to local competitions almost every weekend."
​An only child, Jessica has had from the beginning all the support of her parents, also now that her stables and residence are in the Netherlands; thanks to their support she can concentrate solely on her horses and on sport: "As a young girl, when I was in school, I played hockey and went running but as soon as I could I dedicated only to horses - says Jessica. - After finishing school, in agreement with my parents, I chose to make a high level sports career, so we all moved to the Netherlands, in the heart of horse riding, where I have a better chance of growth even if I am very attached and loyal to my team, Great Britain, and to my teammates. My life revolves around horses: I get up every morning very early, I ride 6 to 8 horses a day and I devote my full attention to them. My whole day is dedicated to them. I spend the rest of the evening at home, resting and hanging out with Michael, my boyfriend, who is also a rider. On the few weekends when I'm not in a competition I like to go shopping! I love music and watching movies. Almost all my friends are horse riders, and then we share the same passion."

For Jessica, the help of her parents was and is critical: "My parents support me and follow me; being an only child, they moved to Holland with me, even though we still have our home in England. My father is also my coach, we have a great relationship and even though sometimes we have misunderstandings we overcome them easily. My mother, on the other hand, helps me manage the stable and she rides the horses when I'm competing. When I'm home I like to personally take care of my horses; they are my life and my future.
My dream is to participate in the Olympics, even though having taken part in the European Championships of Aachen was already a dream come true, a wonderful experience. My horse jumped very well but the paths were very challenging and we made some mistakes due to lack of experience, but I'm very happy with how it went, even if the team did not get the medal. I managed to control my emotions and stay focused. I treasure every experience and I try to keep my feet on the ground.
​From the beginning I learned that you have to work hard and have faith... I want to do my job well and reach the highest levels, without, however, renouncing to have a family."