Joe Clee, an excellent year

Since officially joining the team of one of the strongest and most respected nations in the world last year, Joe Clee has not disappointed expectations in 2015 season.

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Born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, on 2nd January 1978, Joe Clee has grabbed the showjumping world’s attention last year, since officially joining the team of one of the strongest and most respected nations in the world, Great Britain. Joe Clee has not disappointed expectations, with a number of accomplished Nations Cup team performances. He has been named as part of the British squad for the World Equestrian games in Caen 2014 with his stallion Utamaro D’Ecaussines, a product of Belgian Ecuries d’Eucassines. Joe is based in Belgium near Brussels, where he has been for the past 11 years, with his wife Julie Wauters - daughter of the great champion Eric Wauters to which each year Jumping Mechelen is dedicated, the traditional year-end competition that closes the season - and three young children. He has been riding for owners Ludwig and Jasmin Criel for eight years. “I’ve got great horses and great owners - says Joe - They just want to do the sport. We’re able to keep the horses for longer, produce them and build them up for competitions.” Utamaro D’Ecaussines and the mare Diablesse De Muze are Joe’s top string but he’s about twenty horses in work. “They run from three years to the 11-year-olds” he says. “We’ve got a conveyor belt, with horses coming up all the time.”

In 2014 he was leading rider in Mechelen “It’s my family show and my brother-in-law Daniel Deusser won the World Cup” he sayd satisfied. 2014 was an unforgettable year for Joe Clee, with two amazing horses and stables still full of great subjects on which to focus, but the 2015 was even more full of success. In 2015 Joe Clee won the Grand Prix of CSI2* Strazeele with Diablesse de Muze, the Grand Prix of CSI2* Neeroeteren with Gamko S, the Nations Cup of CSIO5* Rotterdam and La Baule with Utamaro d’Eucassines, second place in Grand Prix of CSI2* Zuidwolden with Diablesse de Muze, second place in Nations Cup of CSIO5* Barcelona with Utamaro d’Eucassines, fourth place in Grand Prix of CSIO5*Rotterdam 2015 with Utamaro d’Eucassines and a lot of very good other victories and placements. He also took part in European Championship in Aachen with Great Britain Team.

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