Kevin Staut, the charm of the champion

He is one of the most popular riders on the international circuit: He is the French champion Kevin Staut

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Susanna Cottica Animo

Born in Heverlee, near Versailles, on 15th November 15, 1980, Kevin Staut was trained and grew up as a rider and horseman in Normandy, where as a child he spent much time at his grandparents' house.
Kevin's mother rode at the stable of Patrice Delaveau, and so Kevin, fascinated by horses, already grown-up at the age of ten, began to ride ponies. In a short time he gave up the other sports he was practising, judo and tennis, to devote himself solely to horses.
Having grown up being trained by Patrice Delaveau, Kevin had important trainers who helped him to train as a rider and horseman such as Michel Hecart, Hubert Bourdy, Thierry Pomel, Gilles Bertran de Balanda and Michel Robert. 2007 was a turning point for Kevin. With his legendary stallion Kraque Boom, he began to take part in the most important Nations Cups, winning with the French team the Nations Cup CSIO Rome and participating for the first time at the CHIO Aachen, the dream of every rider.
Kraque Boom brought Kevin to the Olympus of show jumping with two years of great success with the peak being victory at the European Championship in Windsor in 2009, a competition in which Kraque Boom gave his best to gratify his rider. An outstanding pairing, based on feeling and communication.
Meanwhile, Kevin had set up his stable at Petit-Mars, near Nantes, where he started working with Xavier Marie, owner of Haras de Hus.
On the wishes of his sponsors, in 2010 Kevin established himself south of Brussels at the stables of Eucassines to be closer to the heart of the equestrian world. This shift allowed Kevin to make contact with great trainers such as Nelson Pessoa and Henk Nooren.
In 2012 Kevin joined Jump Five, the company founded by the owners of Haras des Coudrettes with the participation of Patrice Delaveau, Kevin Staut and Olivier Guillon. The Jump Five stable is one of the most beautiful facilities in Europe: the Haras des Coudrettes in Vauville, three kilometres from Deauville. Thanks to the exceptional structure and organisation of the stable, his devotion to work and their top horses, Kevin Staut reached the pinnacle of his career, in any case always in continuous growth. With two consecutive silver team medals at the World Championships, Lexington 2010, with Silvana HDC and Caen 2014 with Reveur de Hurtebise, he took part in the 2012 London Olympics with Silvana HDC. In 2014 he also won the most prestigious competitions of the international circuit, including the CSI5* Grand Prix in Paris and S'Hertogenbosch with Silvana, and the Nations Cup of the CSIO of Rotterdam and of La Baule always riding Reveur de Hurtebise. He came third with the French team in the Final of Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup in Barcelona.
​"Obtaining a good technique is difficult. You have to work hard and be very strict with yourself. The goal is to be able to do difficult things easily. And this requires sensitivity. In fact, to be a good rider, you need a mix of technique and feeling...” This is his ‘motto’

Kevin Staut interview

Rider and own manager. You are representative throughout the world of show jumping for your elegance, style and savoir-faire: how did the man Kevin Staut come about?
“He came about because he is involved in the world of sport, he deals with many people, he faces himself each day before facing others. Our sport teaches us to be less arrogant and more humble. One day you win but the next day you lose! You have to experience victory correctly, with humility, and accept defeat without losing heart. That's how you become men”.
How did the horseman Kevin Staut come about?
“He became a horseman because he loves horses. This is the engine, it is the energy of everything. Then you have to work hard, with motivation that is constantly high and this teaches us how to grow technically, to improve ourselves in the relationship with our horses and then to become better horsemen. That's how results are achieved”.
The importance of sponsors in riding: 
“Sponsors are very important in our sport because it is very expensive and you can't make it alone. Unsponsored you can't survive. But the relationship with sponsors is not only based on the financial aspect, we must share the passion and goals”.
Your horses: how is the relationship with them on a daily basis? How do you become champions together?
“Being in competition every weekend, it's not easy to find the time to spend at home. But the daily relationship with horses is essential, first of all for the passion that feeds it but also because the horses need contact, to create the relationship, the feeling. Horses must be able to trust you, they need to believe in you. Whenever I can, I spend time with them, for myself and to strengthen the bond”.
You've won the most important competitions in the world, you have been European champion: do the emotions change or is each race as if it were your first?
“Success has never changed my motives, my attitude. Success arrived quickly but I always continued working hard, with humility and the greatest commitment. You have to work hard and always keep your feet on the ground in order to remain at the top. There are a lot of good pairs and so you must never think you've achieved it all. Every competition, every victory is an emotion, in the same way that every defeat is a discouragement. I feel the same emotions and the same desire to go ahead”.
Did growing up in Normandy influence your life choices and facilitate your equestrian career?
“Normandy is a land of horses, you see them wherever you look. Yes, this facilitated my beginning, undoubtedly, but then to build a career you have to work hard and well, anywhere in the world”.
The secrets of Kevin Staut…
“I don't have any secrets! It's all very clear and simple. I am a hard worker, I love horses, I like what I do and I feel very lucky. I'm happy, I have no reason to complain! I am grateful to life for what I do”.

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