Looking at the champion

Germany claims the victory in Nations Cup at CHIO Aachen. Christian Ahlmann and Epleasure van het Heike in the winning team!

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What a team the German one! Christian Ahlmann, Ludger Beerbaum, Meredith-Michaels Beerbaum and Daniel Deusser are ready for Rio… You don’t become champion by chance. The way is long and difficult, you have to take care of every details, starting from daily work with your horse and good stable management.
First of all you must be a good rider and horseman: only when you are a sensitive rider and a wise horsemen you can achieve the best performances. You have to combine technique, work, feeling, comunication and deep love for horses.
​Looking at Christian Ahlmann training his horses at home, you can learn how to become a champion. He shows all the most important equitation’s basis, starting from the good seat.

The secure and balanced seat is one of the basic principle in order to be a successful rider and carry out jumping courses fast and with no faults in perfect harmony with the horse.
A deep and secure seat is the prerequisite for effective influence and for good use of aids. Now, what exactly is a secure seat? Certainly it has nothing to do with closing the legs tightly around the horse or using your hands in order to keep your balance! Not at all! A rider with secure seat has eliminated any space between himself and the horse. He follows the movement in a very balanced and supple way; his entire body is a part of the horse’s movement.
​Any part of the body is in the right position and the seat follows the horse in any phase of a movement. If you look at a rider like that, you can see the perfect combination with the horse.

The more balanced the seat of the rider, the less strenght is necessary for maintaining a secure seat. The necessary basic tension of the body is adeguate for the required movement, higher at the collected trot than at the walk. Every moment of the horse’s movement requires a secure seat. It can clearly be observed and examined during the transition from one gait to another or in front of a jump. It is very important to have a secure seat both in the sitting seat and in the forward seat. Even if the rider is not fully in contact with the saddle, he keeps his balance in light seat with the weight of the body on the thighs, knees and stirrups. He’s always in deep communication with his horse, he’s listening all the time, he’s concentrate in what his horse is telling him and in what his horse needs…
​This is only the first step. It’s a long way… Follow the example of the great champions, go on working, studyng and thinking what you are doing each moment when you are with your horse.