Max Kühner: The real man

Passion, confidence and positivity are the key to Max Kühner's success. You can tell by his smile!

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Max Kuehner was born on January 15, 1974 in Monaco of Bavaria. In 2010 he built his private stable in Hadorf, 4 kilometers from Lake Stanberg, twenty kilometers from Monaco. For seven years he was part of the first German team, but in January 2014 he started racing for Austria. In addition to being an international rider, he has been working as a manager at his leasing company.
​In particular, he dedicates himself to training young horses to bring them to the national and international highest levels.

A successful rider with the German team, Kuehner has been competing for Austria since January 2014: "A few different reasons led me to make this choice - says Max Kuehner. First of all, Bavaria, where we live, is very close to the Austrian border, compared to northern Germany; Austria has also been my second home for many years; in fact, we have a house there where we go regularly, and when I was a child I used to go skiing there with my parents. It was during a holiday in Austria that I started to ride horses.
​I went skiing with my family but there was no snow, so my parents, who already rode, proposed an alternative to keep me busy and took me to the stables. That was the beginning of my story with horses. However, equitation was an expensive sport for us, so I shared a pony with three other children at the equestrian center. Then, one day, a man who frequented the stables gave me my own pony to ride and started paying for all the expenses.
That pony was my first teacher, I learned a lot and those who were around me began to think that maybe it was worth to let me continue. My grandmother changed my life: she was very passionate and always went to the stables with me; I remember one night, it was already past midnight, she came to our house and told my father 'If you don't buy him a horse, I will!', and then she left. So she bought my first horse, Rilana. With her, I started a great career as a junior and at eighteen I made it to the national team."

While following his now well-consolidated passion for horses, Max continued his studies for his strong sense of duty, but also to make his parents happy, and they were supportive throughout the study period: "My parents have supported me in the equestrian activity up to twenty-five, when I finished my university studies in economics and started working in a company that deals with leasing, while continuing to devote myself to riding - says Max. At end of 2010, we built our own private stable, as well as our home, in Hadorf, 4 kilometers from the beautiful lake Stanberg, twenty kilometers from Monaco. There are twenty boxes for stabled horses and 15 hectares of paddocks equipped for foals and breeding. We have a riding hall, an obstacle course and a gallop track." A paradise on the outskirts of Monaco and at the border with Austria, his competition team. There is also another reason, in addition to those tied to its history and to its extraordinary territory, which pushed Kuehner to choose Austria, as he himself says: "Germany is one of the top nations for equestrian sports and has many pairs at the highest levels, to the point that it has a few first teams.
I was is a German first team for seven years. However, remaining in a first team is difficult: competition is strong and the number of riders is in constant growth".

​To be continued...