Patience, the best quality

A single characteristique separates great trainers from the rest: patience.

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Whenever an impasse is reached with a horse, stop. Ask yourself: “How I would approach this problem if I were given a lot of years to solve it? More patience guarantees success…

It seems inconceivable that two species as different in attitude and behavior as the human predator and the equine prey animal could be ruled by the same learning principles and communicate. It’s our duty to understand theyr language and nature and find the way to communicate with them in the best way.
If we spend a lot of time with horses, we can learn a lot from them over the years. Training horses can make us more aware of our impatience, because they falter when they feel they are being rushed. The speed and efficacy of their learning decrease as soon as they detect the distracting change in the energy we transmit whenever we are in a hurry. At the beginning riders and trainers normally do not have enough patience; they loose calm and self-control and react impulsively. Only experience and wisdom led to patience, calm and meditation. We need to listen to the horses and understand how they teach us to slow down and suspend the pressures we inadvertently or consciously impose.

Impeccability and integrity are founded upon patience. If we are hurried edginess emerges from us and horses feel it… When we are tense, we see our horses ‘squirt’ into action. We need to be smooth and relax in mind and body.
If we are nervous the horse bolts into action because he is overly anxious to escape. Rushing causes delay. If you want to get a horse to do something quickly, the quickly slow down… We need to learn how horses learn and, in the process, we can adopt a new approach to life.