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Riding is scienze, art and passion and needs deep communication between rider and horse

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The rider must know exactly what he wants to obtain from his horse.

The rider must know exactly what to do in order to obtain what he wants.

The rider should know in advance the reason of every request.

When the rider doesn’t get his goal, he should understand why and recognize his mistakes.

To practice a good riding, the rider should have a good basic position in any equestrian discipline.

Horseback you should not do unnecessary actions or gestures. If they are needless, are also harmful.

Each riders can improve himself and he has to do it constantly.

The greater the knowledge and the experience, the more you are able to understand your faults and correct them.

You always have to impose self-criticism.

Avoid the easy illusions, as to reach achievements higher than your current ability.

Riding is a wonderful sport, sometimes it becomes an art, but to come to that result, the rider should work humbly: he should try to understand before demanding, to hear before to be heard.

In riding you can easily be arrogant and confuse the horse's merits with the skills of the rider.

In riding the human errors is absorbed by the horse’s qualities and skills.

You should recognize when you are helped by a good and generous horse. You should recognize your limits and work to improve yourself.

Only the awareness of how much you have still to learn allows to improve your knowledge.