The best feeling

Horses and children have a really special, instinctive and inner feeling. With Harry Allen and Ranger.

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Contact with the horse is the most important basic requirement for learning riding. A good inner line to the horse dismantles fear and creates a situation of mutual trust. Often, such a connection with the horse is stronger than technical skill. A special feeling is created between children and horses and everything seems to be so simple for them. The connection between them is instinctive and natural.
The really great achievements are based on this inner contact, this mutual feeling between rider and horse.

The first goal demanded from the beginner rider on horse is balance. Without balance you would fall off or would have to hold on with pure strenght. The development of balance, especially for the upper body, is prerequisite for any future equestrian education.
Ride for one without a saddle in order to feel the horse’s movements directly and be forced to react accordingly. To be able to balance on the horse’s back in each gait vertically and horizontally is the first goal for the beginner rider.

The feel of the rider, the best communication between horse and rider, is to be regarded as the climax of all equestrian abilities. This feel is not the innate privilege of some few highly gifted talents but a major learning goal for any rider.
The sensitive communication with the horse must be learned and taught from the very first lesson on. This is the only way the rider will eventually achieve the skill to apply aids harmoniously to the task at hand and at the same time to the reactions of the horse.

Source: ‘Balance in movement’ Susanna von Dietze