The dream come true!

Team Italy came out on top in the FEI Nations Cup™ at Piazza di Siena in the heart of the capital city 32 years after the last Italian victory!

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The last victory of Nations Cup in Rome for Team Italy was way back in 1985 with the Team composed by Graziano Mancinelli and Carata, Giorgio Nuti and Silvana, Bruno Scorali and Joyau d’Or and Emilio Puricelli with Impedoumi. Strong recent results however suggested that today may be the day when they could bridge that very long gap and put their country’s name on the roll of honour once again.

In an edge-of-the-seat contest, they shared the lead with The Netherlands on a four-fault result at the halfway stage, and then held on for victory without having to rely on their anchor rider Bruno Chimirri (46). It was Lorenzo de Luca (30) who clinched it despite a foot in the water and a time fault with Ensor de Litrange second time out, because a second-round clear from pathfinders Piergiorgio Bucci (41) and Casallo Z, and a magnificent double-clear performance from the youngest team member, Alberto Zorzi (28) with Fair Light van T Heike, meant they couldn’t be beaten when the Dutch threat fizzled out.
Congratulations to Italian Team and to Animo Testimonial Piergiorgio Bucci with his stallion Casallo Z.