The incredible rise of Thomas Carlile

Still unknown until two years ago, Thomas Carlile wrote his name in gold letters in the history of Eventing in 2013.

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Sébastien Roullier Gran Prix Magazine

Thomas Carlile won in 2013 two World titles within the Young Horses category (Le Lion d’Anger Young Event Horse 2013): the 6 years old category with Ténarèze and the 7 years old category with Sirocco du Gers. He also won the French championship and got relevant results on national as well as international events. Naturally talented and determined, the British-born rider living in Toulouse started the year 2014, the year of the equestrian world championships, as if he was competing within an eventing competition: with full motivation. Since the beginning of the season, the27 years old horseman shows to the other competitors that he is the man to beat by winning the Elite Pro Tartas with Sirocco. With this win he proves that his world title is fully deserved. He shows again his talent by reaching the top fifteen of the Pro Elite Grand Prix. Thomas Carlile is now ready to challenge the best riders in the world. In second contest the Rodez CCI2* and already second victory, this time with Quiro who is training for the European Championships in 2015. Tom is not the man of one horse and once again he reaches a sixth place with SRS Orlando in the same event. Thomas improves his level of performance month after month. In last May, with Sirocco, he climbs on the second step of the podium at the prestigious CCI2* Grand Prix Classic in Fontainebleau. A week later, the rookie tries his hand at Saumur. On this occasion, he decides to compete with Ténarèze who is making his first appearence within a CIC2* into the deep end by making him run his first CIC2*. Once again, he enhances the potential of the young horse and make him become an exceptional horse by winning the cup. Last october he won the CCIO3*-NC at Boekelo with Sirocco du Gers and the World Championship Young Horses at Le Lion d'Angers with Ténarèze, 7yo. 2015 season begins with the victory of CIC2* at Fontainebleau with Rakam d'Emra. We are waiting for the next... 

Early July, while his son from the Arc de Triomphe sits for big upcoming deadlines, the young Carlile actually shines his other musketeers Sirocco Gers, winner of the CCI3* Marnes-la -Coquette. Those results bring more confidence to the young rider. To confirm the exceptionnal duo formed by Thomas and Quiro Hoy, Thierry Touzaint offers a place to Tom within the prestigious CICO3* of Aachen. Even if a cop made them miss the individual podium, the two companions do not get disappointed and participate fully in the third place of the tricolor quartet, validating their selection for the national team for the WEG. Unfortunately, this dream is too soon broken by a minor injury occurred to 10 years bay gelding during the training camp. The technical staff and rider prefer to preserve the crack for future upcoming events.Far from being fatalistic, Thomas does not give up and focus on his second goal of the season: repeat the doubled claimed at the Lion d'Angers. Favorite among the seven years old category with Ténarèze, Thomas has also some great arguments among the six years old category with Upsilon, French champion for six years. Finally the duo claims a creditable 5th place due to some misunderstanding during the dressage. Ténarèze becomes a legend by becoming the third horse in world champion within the six years old and seven years old category at the British International Harry Mead. For 2015 and especially for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics games in 2016, Thomas Carlile can count on SRS Orlando, Rialto Biats, Opium Boisy, Sirocco du Gers, winner of the tough CCIO3* of Boekelo, or quiro Hoy, who is supposed to make his return to the most beautiful courses in Europe. France holds perhaps his future Nicolas Touzaint!

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