The meaning of aids

Aids of legs, seat and hands interact in constant harmony. The aids are the language The aids are the language with which we communicate with our horse

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Initial communication with the horse takes place with the relationship from the ground, one that is mental and emotional even before physical, consisting of reciprocal feelings, small gestures and soft touches, sounds and words.
​When we are in the saddle, communication takes place with the same feeling but through the coordinated use of aids. As such, the aids of legs, hands, seat and the voice that has an equally important role. The aids interact with each other and the more we improve our position in the saddle and our sensitivity in listening to the horse and to its movement and following its moving, the more our aids become subtle, invisible, timely and useful. All unnecessary and excessive movements slowly disappear. But to reach this sort of level we need to work hard and this can take quite some time.

The aids are the language with which we communicate with our horse. Like all languages, they have a basic structure but it is only the practical application and time that lead to their correct use in finesse. It is important that those who wish to become good riders must know and understood thoroughly the use, the reasons and the effects of the aids before attempting to teach or impose them on their own horse. The horse must learn step by step and very clearly to the point that the relationship established with the rider becomes so deep that mere thought will allow the horse to understand and act. This is the essence of Horsemanship, that is of being a true horseman and rider. A trainer who combines intelligence, physical and mental control and coordination can create a highly trained horse that is attentive and happy, that works in harmony and confidently with its rider.