The most beautiful in the World!

Rio de Janeiro: “Honoured to be here for my 6. Olympic Games”, Pedro Cebulka

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He is not only the best Ring Master in the World, he is not only an Animo Testimonial since a lot of years, he is above all a great friend for all Animo people! The Animo Team is proud and honoured of having a friend like him.
63 years old, 40 years of experience, Pedro Cebulka, German born and of Canadian adoption, is loved by riders, trainers, grooms, horse owners, sponsors, judges ... they all know him, they all respect him and they all greet him warmly. In the world of equestrian competitions he is appreciated and his presence in the arena contributes to making a competition even more prestigious.
​In his wonderful career he could not miss Rio Olympics, his 6. Olimpics after Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Hong Kong 2008 and London 2012.

His knowledge of riders, horses and equestrian people and ‘backstage’ from around the world, his experience on the most important equestrian events, make it an irreplaceable figure in the world of equestrian sports. Last but not least, he speaks seven languages. As Ring Master, he manages the 'behind the scenes' of a competition and ensures that everything runs smoothly with punctuality, order and precision in compliance with the rules governing equestrian sport.
A tireless beautiful presence, he is a point of reference for the riders who wait for his signal. At the end of the competition he accompanies the pairings onto the arena for the awards ceremony and follows them right up to the end of the last lap of honour. Pedro Cebulka is a deeply spiritual person with an extraordinary sensitivity, perceived by the horses and the riders alike. Behind his imposing figure, his engaging smile, his always spontaneous banter, his spontaneous likeability, there lies a huge heart that expresses love for all forms of life and for nature. In his actions there is his spirituality that he transmits through the world of equestrian sports with his reassuring presence.
His presence is not only essential for his important job but for his ability to interact with all people and to create a good atmosphere. “My job is essentially to keep the horses and riders safe both on the competition field and on the warming arena, till awards ceremony and the last lap of honour”…
All we know that he is the best! Best in the field and best friend for every athlet, rider and horse!
​Enjoy Rio, Pedro!