The power of horses

Horses are silent animals. They feel. They put emotional energy into every gesture and glance.

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The reason the horse can become such a gifted teacher for us is because he does not need an inner voice. He does not think in words at all. He feels. He experiences the simple energy of his emotional state of being.
More than thirty millions years of evolutionary pressure have turned the horse into a quintessential prey animal. Rather than using words or vocalizations to communicate – sounds that help a predator pinpoints its pray – horses learned instead how not to talk, how not to make sounds and how to make sense from being, not thinking.

Horses infuse emotional meaning into every body movement. They pour this vital, emotional energy into every gesture and glance, lending them the nuances of tone, accent and value. By sensitizing themselves to emotional energy, horses can not only convey the meaning of what they want to share with other members of the herd but can also feel the palpably sharp energy emitted by a stalking predator, eyes locked intently on its prey.
Evolution has driven equids to the farthest limits of nonverbal, right-sided brain function.

Training horses with emotional energy is an evolution of the concepts of pressure and release used in natural horsemanship. All of us who work with horses owe a debt of gratitude to the pioneers of this discipline. Because of their contributions, we gain a better vantage point, from which we can see that horsemanship can lead us deep into the realm of self-awareness. Working with horses gives us the oppurtunity to return to a primal, nonverbal state of awareness. Without the interface of language we reconnect with the energy shared among all life forms. The conncetion is palpable and immediate. We learn how to find it, focus it, and let it fly. We explore how to apply emotional energy for asking our horses to move naturally, effortlessly and respectfully wherever we wish them to go…