The power of intention

Working with horses is exciting because you are learning to play with magic beings.

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One of the things we learn from horses is the power of energetic will, or intention. Intention is the process by which we focus our energy by visualizing the end result before we begin.
An example i show downhill skiers close their eyes and picture themeselves speeding through the gates and curves on the course before they even step up to the starting gate. When we can empty our minds, they can become impeccably clear. We can see the goal, the wished objective, as being accomplished and finished before we begin.

An equivalent exercise with the horse can be something as simple as visualizing the horse propelling himself over a jump at liberty. Our first efforts will be clumsy and the horse may tentatively move toward the jump and then balk and walk sideways around it. But slowly, as we visualize him stepping smoothly toward the jump, lifting himself effortlessly to arch over it, the horse begins to reflect our intention, gaining an even, consistent flow.

Results from our training begin to unroll without conscious effort. Our goals become manifest. At such moment, the horse will ease seamlessly into whatever task we envision. Intention makes energy flow like a beautiful stream, enabling our horse to finish the task we set for him before he even starts. We have to do nothing but wish the horse’s action into being. Suddenly, the energetic world surges through us, as it comes into being.
Horses immerse us into an energetic context, beyond reason but within the reach of emotions. We learn from our equine friends how to clean our minds. Ray hunt, one of the greater sages of Natural Horsemanship, said: “My goal with the horses is not to beat someone; it’s to win within myself. To do the best job I can do and tomorrow to try to do better. You’ll be working on yourself to accomplish this, not your horse”.

From Zen Mind, Zen Horse