The secure seat

A deep and secure seat is the prerequisite for effective influence and good riding.

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What exactly is a secure seat? Certainly it has nothing to do with closing the legs tightly around the horse. A rider with a secure seat has eliminated any space between himself ancd the horse.
They follow the motion in a very balanced and supple way. The entire body is a part of the horse’s movements. The seat is glued to the saddle at any phase of a movement.

The more balanced the seat of the rider, the less strenght is necessary for maintaining the secure seat. The necessary basic tension of the body is adequate for the required movement, higher at the collected trot than at the walk.
Every difficulty balancing the body can only be compensated by a major expenditure of energy and strenght.

Every moment of the horse’s movement requires a secure seat. It can clearly be observed and examined during the transition from one gait to another, for example, when trotting on from the seat alone or from a secure forward seat before taking a jump. Even in the forward seat it is very important to have a secure seat. At the rising trot, it is very difficult to maintain the secure seat unconditionally. Frequently, a rider just closes and opens the seat, and the horse can evade the aids easily.
The ability to change the load and the support base so that the basic tensioni s continously maintained and the rider remains in uninterrupted balance with the horse is quite an art buti t must be the aim of every rider. The good secure seat is basic for obtaining feeling with horse.