During the winter, when cold is biting, you must put attention to temperature changes in the stable and use suitable blankets

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A careful stable management helps to keep horses healthy. Winter is coming and in cold weather warmth is essential and should be achieved by using extra lightweight clothing rather than by restricting ventilation.
There must be an ample supply of fresh air; the atmosphere in the box must never feel stuffy.
Outside looseboxes may have the top door closed provided that there is another adeguate form of draughtproof ventilation.
Stable bandages, warm, lightweight rugs and, on occasions, a hood, all help to combact the cold. There are different tipe of blankets, from lightest to heaviest, you should choose the most suitable to the season and temperature and also you should put one or more rugs on the horse.
Some most important stables, in the coldest areas, add an infra red lamp fixed in the ceiling for more horse’s comfort. This can usually be run from a suitable light fixture if no permanent socket is available.

In order to to ensure greater comfort to the horse, every days and in each season, you need to provide him an ample bed, with banked-up walls. It should be kept clean and regularly skipped out.
Also the diet should be balanced according to the season. In cold weather the diets changes compared to the summer season because the nutritional needs are different. Ask to your vet in order to make the right ration according to the needs of the horse.
Tho prevent distress when he is in work, the stabled horse should be clipped. Clipping can be applicable in winter when the coat is thick and sometimes even in spring and summer if the horse is expected to competing. Winter is time for indoor competions.
During the everyday work, above all if the horse is clipped, when weather is cold, you should cover the horse’s back with warming up blankets or exercise blankets.
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