What we need to get started

When someone wants to start to ride it is important to consider why he wants and what he needs.

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Riding is a sporting activity that requires a unique approach compared to other sport as it not only demands a physical ability to develop the necessary riding skills but also a psychological understanding of working with a live and intelligent animal.
The joy of being able to work with horses allows us to be able to take up this activity as children or as adults, and the uniqueness of the horse allows us to continue long into our maturity as active riders within a variety of activities including:
​hacking and pleasure riding, riding school activities, dressage, show jumping, eventing, trekking, cross-country, endurance.

When someone wants to start to ride it is important to consider why he wishes to become involved with horses and to understand the commitment that this takes in order to get the best experience and companionship from riding and working with horses. Initially, what is necessary to get started is a good attitude and some helpful advice and support.
​First of all the beginner must choose the right riding school, with qualified, expert and wise instructors; the riding school must have good facilities, well build and suitable for horses with wide and neat box, wide and green paddock, a good arena and so on… but last but not least the stable must be a place where the horses look happy and well-cared. When the beginner searches for the right stable, it is better that he is accompanied by an expert friend.

Clothing is very important since the first time we approach to the horses. Riding can be a risk sport for unexperienced people and as such requires a certain amount of personal protective equipment. First of all the rider needs a suitable fitted riding hat in order to protect the head.
Suitable footwear must also be at once considered for safety. Boots must be fit, comfortable, resistant and smooth for both riders and horses.
Brechees are specialist trousers that are most suitable for riding as they provide a good fit and comfort whilst riding.
Whatever clothes are worn, they need to be safe, comfortable and suitable to the season: warm layers in winter and warm socks, lightweight layers in warmer weather, waterproof jacket for riding outside. Clothing should be comfortable and at the same time be secured: nothing undone that can flap about and either worry the horse or get caught up in the tack. Adherence, softness and technical fabrics are essential.
Avoid loose clothes, scarves, jewellery etc. as these can be dangerous when around the horse.
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