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Talent, will, maturity, much work and humility make Edward Levy a certainty for France in the future of jumping.

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Susanna Cottica Animo

Thanks to horses, his experiences and the great masters, Edward Levy, despite his mere twenty-one years of age, is a professional rider already in the spotlight. He knows where he wants to go and is building his career by focussing on his objectives and in the best way possible. A pupil of the great champion Patrice Delaveau, Edward Levy was 'trained' at the Haras de la Forge, the extraordinary Equestrian Centre of the Jump Five team. Since last January, on the advice of his friend and master Patrice Delaveau, Edward has been preparing to move next March to Germany to the stable of Ludger Beerbaum to increase his experience, to improve technique and to develop his professionalism. Edward Levy, thanks to his determination and the right choices, is today one of the young French riders receiving great attention on the international scene. This is no small feat when you consider the large number of exceptional pairs that France can boast of today. Already in the spotlight for at least two competitive seasons, Edward Levy was champion of France 'AS Jeunes Cavaliers' in 2012 at Le Mans on Belle Rock and winner with Starlette de la Roque of the seven-year Master at Fontainebleau in 2013. In 2014 season Levy is notching up the victories and excellent rankings, including winning the Grand Prix of the Auvers CSI** on Belle Rock, third place in the Grand Prix of the Sainte Cecile CSI2* with Puissance du Jouas, a mare with whom he has also obtained two victories in the Jardy CSI** and one participation with the French team at the Cup of Nations at the Bratislava CSIO. Then there were two participations at the Young Riders European Championships, in 2013 at Vejer de la Frontera riding Quarto Mail and in 2014 in Arezzo riding Belle Rock.

The third of four siblings, two older brothers and a younger sister, Edward Levy does not come from a family of equestrian tradition. His father Frank is, in fact, owner of a textile company in Paris and his beautiful mother Vania accompanies him in its activities and takes care of their large family. "I acquired a passion for horses quite by chance - says Edward - we have a house at Deauville, in Normandy, where we spend the holidays and weekends. When I was a child, I used to see the horses pass by on the beach and I was always fascinated by them. Therefore, at the age of ten my parents took me to a pony club in Deauville. The passion exploded immediately. Returning home to Paris, I joined a riding school. Within a short space of time I got my first mare, Option d’Eglefin, with which I began to participate in the first small competitions. A fantastic mare, who taught me so much and with whom I have some amazing memories. She's stayed in the family and occasionally my father goes out riding on her! My first important result came when I was thirteen, with victory of the Cadets Championship riding Iguana de Fontaine, a knowledgeable and careful mare that my first trainer, Sophie Coutureau, had entrusted to me. A year later, at the age of fourteen, again with Iguana, I achieved third place in the same championship. Then I left Sophie's team and went back to ride in Normandy. However, time passed and the deadline for the school diploma was approaching so I went back to Paris to devote myself to my studies and I started to ride with Eric Louradour at his stable at Bory. I was with him for one year. Eric was for me a very important teacher. He taught me to have a system, to plan the work according to the needs of the horses. The work increased, suppleness, moments of leisure and freedom in the paddock: Eric taught me how to know the horses, the principles and the basics of good riding. We are great friends, we talk a lot and even now I ask him for his opinions and advice. During my time with him I had my first experiences in the international field. We purchased Normandie du Jouas, with which I began jumping in 1 meter and 20 competitions before debuting in CSIO Juniors and in the 140 competitions"
So at sixteen Edward graduated and then came the time to decide about his future. There as no doubt in his mind. He wanted to ride and become a professional. His parents supported his decision. Eric Louradour, who had discovered him and highlighted his talent, appreciated the commitment and the will to grow as a rider and introduced him to Patrice Delaveau to offer him some great opportunities and even the possibility of having several horses to ride. "At the age of sixteen I entered the stable of Patrice Delaveau to carry out an apprenticeship - recounts Edward – I was to stay two months; I never left again. Now for Edward, at the age of twenty-one, a new professional adventure is in the making alongside one of the absolute leaders of world show jumping, Ludger Beerbaum: "I'm going to Germany to work. And it a decision that I took together with Patrice and Sabrine, his wife. We think the time has come to expand my knowledge and experience, to learn other methods and to enjoy new equestrian experiences” says Edward in an interview.
Among his current horses that will follow him in this new professional adventure will be Starlette de la Roque, winner of the seven-year Master in Fontainebleau. Belle Rock has already been sold in the United States to a young rider while Quarto Mail has been sold in Belgium. His other horses, all of excellent level, will for now remain with their respective owners to then follow, with them, the best solution for their career.

"For me the most important thing is the work, to review and discuss matters and to remain humble – says Edward - Every day is a new experience, every evening brings with it one more reflection. I can say I have had two great masters, Eric and Patrice, and both have taught me, first and foremost, to respect life and the nature of horses. With Patrice I learned to be effective, to improve my technique to become a winner. He possesses the science of equitation, his horses are happy to work with him, to jump for him. He respects them but at the same time he knows how to bring them to victory. His style and his technique are for me an example to relate to every day. Today to be winners and to stay at the top, you need to give your best in everything, to make sacrifices and work hard every day. Nothing should be left to chance. But what is needed above all is the love of horses. Without passion you cannot achieve anything. No technique, no stratagem can replace the love for horses. Only passion and work. For all I have I must thank my family who supports me with discretion, and Patrice Delaveau who welcomed me into his professional life and into his family and for whom I have practically become a son. I will forever be grateful to him. Ludger is an exceptional rider, one of the best in the world for decades and certainly not by chance. When he is on the field, you can perceive his sensitivity, his precision, his impeccable training of the horses but even more, the finesse of his riding. German riding is very precise, the horses take the circuits with serenity, coolness and regularity, demonstrating an incredible dressage. All this will be an excellent lesson for me and an opportunity for growth in my riding. ... ".

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