February 26th, 1938

A horseman out of the ordinary, George Morris is considered one of the riders and trainers who have mostly influenced the equestrian sports, a true legend that gave a twist to the show jumping in the USA, where he was able to create extraordinary pairs. His method them spread throughout the equestrian world, turning him into a true icon. Before becoming one of the most respected trainers in the field, Morris represented the United States in major international events, winning the gold medal with the US team at the Pan American Games in 1959, as well as the team silver medal at the Rome Olympics in 1960, riding Sinjon. Between 1958 and 1960 he won eight Nations Cups and for many years he was Team Lead of the US team, leading it to win medals and prestigious victories. He was the director of the USET and an Executive member of the Show Jumping Committees.
George Morris is a great teacher, he holds seminars around the world and is the author of books on riding technique, including 'Hunter Seat Equitation' in which he presents his natural horsemanship system based on lightweight position and forward riding, which soon became a best-seller worldwide. A talent scout of horses and riders, and with an innate genius in creating formidable pairs, his school produced Olympic champions such as Leslie Burr-Howard, Melanie Smith Taylor, Lisa Jacquin, Anne Kursinki Norman Dello Joio, Peter Leone and Chris Kappler, as well as many others: the greatest champions, amazons and riders, passed through his school.

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