New technology

Advanced technology in horse and rider equipment and accessories aims to welfare, safety and comfort.

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Technology has marked advances in equitation in the last decades, so it is logical to assume that the twenty-first century’s technological advances will enable equitation to take a great stride forward. That said, the quest for the next great technological advance must be matched by a quantum leap in good horsemanship.
The development of saddles, bridles, pads, accessories and equipement are mostly addressed to horse welfare. The right equipment, both for horses and riders, allow us to measure, analyse and then set the correct use of devices and practices in equitation. The aim of the equestrian specialized companies should always be welfare of horses and safety and comfort of both horses and riders.
Advanced technologies in horse and rider equipment and accessories should prove and show the horse-sense and the qualities of a horseman.

A number of significant changes in the rules and improvement of horse sport facilities have emerged in last years in response to concerns for horse welfare. Stabling and feeding are better and better, training aim to establish feeling and communication between horse and rider.
Humans and horses have created a language system with rules of ‘grammar’ that allow effective communication through body-to-body contact. In order to reach the connection, the body-to-body contact should be sensitive, deep and soft.
Ethical equitation demands that minimal pressure and immediate release are used for both contact and signalling at all time.
Sensitivity, connection, feeling and mindfulness are requirements for being good riders. That’s why women and men compete together in riding.