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We are always working ahead and experimenting with new ideas and predicting trends for the future. Our mission is to produce top-quality and original products for equestrian fashion.

Toughness, taste, and consistency are three values that represent Animo. These adjectives are perfectly characterized by our distinctive symbol, the albatross. Its elegance and magnificence in flight is our source of inspiration, always flying high with grace. 

Like the albatross’s long journeys, we have taken our own path to create projects that have led us to reach our goals of becoming a brand that symbolizes forward-thinking and evolution in equestrian apparel and accessories.


Our designs contain strong lines, innovative materials, a range of colors, and punctual applications. Animo’s taste is young and modern.

Those who wear Animo can be recognized from afar; thanks to our combination of design and comfort, style, and performance, we are at the forefront of design inventiveness.

We are dedicated to creating designs made to stand out in the competition, and in your free time, the Animo finesse is unique and distinctive.


What drives our passion for our product is our curiosity to develop versatile and innovative products that provide riders with the tools they need to come out on top. 

The design themes we focus on are; comfort, wearability, resistance, elasticity, breathability, easy-care, and ingenuity. These are the pillars of which the Animo collections are created. 


Teamwork, passion, and determination are the winning combination and core identity of Animo. We value success, decorum, and drive to push us to develop the best product for our clients and their horses. We are more than a brand; we are a community.